Hi, I’m Rene Jorgensen

I am a philosopher, near-death researcher and spiritual life coach. I have a master’s degree in philosophy and have studied near-death experiences since 2000 after having a Near-Death Like Experience myself. I am both a researcher and author on the topic, and I have been featured as an expert in print, radio and tv. I have also presented my research at conferences and spoken at countless speaking engagements. In addition, I have personally been on a long spiritual walk for 17 years, where I have had direct experience with many different spiritual traditions and learned many important insights.


I started doing life and spiritual coaching in 2008 after my first book was published. It was actually not my choice, but I was flooded with people contacting me after reading my book and hearing about me. Based on what spiritual questions and life issues people have approached me with over the years, I have developed 4 main areas of expertise in my coaching:
  • Finding your soul mate.
  • Overcoming anxiety and grief.
  • Enlightenment and spiritual growth.
  • Career and life success.

Soul Mates


Anxiety & Greif