Finding your soulmate brings joy and happiness in your life. True, you also have to love yourself, but finding your soulmate brings additional fulfillment and increases your happiness.
When you meet your soulmate there is a feeling for being 'at home' in the world. This is a feeling of inner peace and joy. Suddenly, life makes sense as you have found your place in it.
The certainty of knowing that you are with 'the one' brings confidence to all areas of your life. The continuity of your love becomes your foundation and a stable rock in your life.
You will no longer be or walk alone in life. You will align your life vision with your soulmate and the two of you will dream new and bigger things together.

Would you settle for less?

Surveys show that only 17 percent find their soulmate, while 3 in 4 people settle with a partner because their true love got away. That is a sad statistic, but it doesn't have to happen to you. Get Life Coaching with Rene Jorgensen to help you find your soulmate.

Meet Two Soul Mates

It is possible and Rene Jorgensen can help you. Watch the video below to see the story of Rene and Valerie - soul mates - who have been together for more than 12 years. In the video Rene Jorgensen also explains what you will get from his coaching sessions and how he can help you find your soulmate.


Rene Jorgensen's 10 steps to help you find your soul mate:

Coaching by Rene Jorgensen

I'm Rene Jorgensen and I am a philosopher, near-death researcher and spiritual life coach. I started doing life and spiritual coaching in 2008 after my first book was published. Based on what spiritual questions and life issues people have approached me with over the years, I have developed some main areas of expertise in my coaching, where helping people find their soul mate is my main one.

What do you get?

Below you can see some of the many things you will get from your coaching with Rene Jorgensen.

1 to 1 Sessions

You will get 1 to 1 sessions with life and spiritual coach Rene Jorgensen who will guide you through the 10 steps to find your soul mate.

About Rene

How you want

Depending on how you want the coaching, you can choose your sessions by phone, skype or email. And you can fit them into your schedule.

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e-mail support

To answer any additional questions and help you on your path, Rene Jorgensen will support you with e-mail exchange after and between sessions.

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To help prepare you and guide you through the 10 steps to meet you soul mate, Rene Jorgensen will give you articles for you to read between sessions.

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To help your learning process, Rene Jorgensen will provide you with links to unique videos that will help guide you through each of the 10 steps to meet you soul mate.

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Rene Jorgensen will also provide you with suggested reading and books that help you prepare to meet your soul mate.

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Have a question about coaching?

Rene Jorgensen does private 1 on 1 sessions by phone, skype or email.

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What are you waiting for?

Your soul mate is looking for you. Sign up for a package or contact Rene Jorgensen.


That depends on individual need. I have had clients that got it after just one session and went on to meet their soulmate. Also I have clients that continue to check in with me when new things happen on the relationship side. On average, it takes about 5 sessions to analyze past relationships and explain the 10 steps in depth. This is about the price of a new iPhone, only here you get a soulmate.
Then I would suggest an introduction session were we can get to meet each other and find out of this is for you. An introduction session cost about the same as a meal and a drink out, so a small investment to help you find your soulmate.
Then you are lucky. But I assume that if you are here that you are not together. That's fine as I have helped many people reconnect with their soulmate. This can be hard but because I have helped others I have a good understanding of when and how to reconnect.
Many single people meet someone of interest about every two to three months, but most of these connections turn out not to be soulmates. From my experience, it takes about 1 to 2 years to a meet a soulmate. But this is if you are connecting consciously and not getting sidetracked in non-soulmate relationships. Connecting consciously is what I and the 10 steps will teach you.



10 Steps to Find Your Soulmate
Surveys show that only 17 percent find their soulmate, while 3 in 4 people...