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The Quality of Your Life
Critical Thinking

The Quality of Your Life is Determined by the Quality of Your Thinking

Quality of life is subjective and will have a different meaning for different people and at differentstages of their lives. But if you are young or a millennial today, you have probablynoticed that it’s hard to get ahead these days. The lack of economic opportunity that you are experiencing is …

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Classes

Speaking in public is a skill that doesn’t come easy for everyone. However, it’s a skill that many need to present at school, lead a conference at work, or speak in front of large groups of people in another setting. One way you can grow your speaking skills is by …

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Anxiety

We will let you know more about public speaking anxiety, how to get around it, and a few tips on getting over this condition to help relieve it. Public speaking anxiety affects people of all ages who must present in front of a group, or even one individual, for any …